Key Terminologies

In photography there are some words that mean something in the photo here are some of the words


In Abstract you don’t really see the object only a little bit. The photo is mostly on the texture, pattern, form, shape, and colour.

Abstract photo  1 Abstract photo 2


This means what’s in the picture. The subject or info that you are trying to give from the picture.

Content pic 2   Content pic

Direct approach :

This is a picture that is taken in a forward manner,  without any angles or disorientation:

Direct approach  direct-approach-greg-nyquist

Documentary Photography:

These pictures are pictures of people, places or events



These are pictures that set a particular feeling or mood.

Expressive-Photography-Examples4  Beautiful-Expressive-Portraits-

Geometric Shapes:

Lines and curves in shapes such as circles and squares.

GS 1  GeometricShapes2-L


Why did the photographer or artist take picture of it.


The photographer must have wanted to show the beauty of friend ship in this pic.


This kind of photos contain the natural environment such as grasslands and jungles.

Landscape pic 3 Landscape pic 2

Organic Shapes:

These are figures that show natural objects; trees, leaves.



In this pic, it shows recognizable objects.



The primary thing in the photo.

Odd-one-out odd-one-out-2


The main idea of a whole collection of different artworks

baby-animals-kitten Baby_animals-2 cute-baby-animals-4 Baby_animals-13

Theme: Baby Animals


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